Team BE

Aditi Priya

I have a master’s degree in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, 201719, and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, 201417. For the past year, I have been working as a Research Associate with LEAD at Krea University and have corresponded with faculty and researchers in India and abroad. The exposure and support that I received from various groups, such as faculty members, researchers, and Ph.D. scholars, encouraged me to take the initiative for Bahujan Economists.

Aarushi Kalra

I am a second-year Ph.D. student at the Economics Department of Brown University. Prior to Brown, I completed my MA in Economics at the Delhi School of Economics; worked at the Center for Development Economics; and taught Quantitative Methods at the Institute of Economic growth, New Delhi, India.

Arshad Azad

I am a Research Assistant at Ashoka University. A graduate of Hindu College and IGIDR, I am interested in understanding why inefficient economic institutions continue to persist. When away from economics, I can be found reading obscure books and listening to Ghazals.

Arvind Kumar

I am a Master’s student at DSE and am currently working on Econ With Aditi, a podcast by Firstpost. A former part-time Research Assistant at Johns Hopkins University, I am interested in productivity, photography, and travel talks.

Jasmin Naur Hafiz

I completed my BA in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College for Women in 2021. Having done a couple of research internships, I love to explore the intersections of economics with social structures and have my mind currently occupied with identity economics.

Meghna Yadav

I have completed my Master’s in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, I have worked on questions of political reservations, intergroup contact, gender, and social security in India. I am grateful for my work with BE, from which I learn a lot.

Mohit Verma

I am a postgrad from MSE. Passionate about development and marginalization issues, I indulge in economics, politics, and philosophy. When not talking econ, I can be found consuming unhealthy amounts of pop culture or delivering hot takes on Twitter


I have a master’s in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics and a BA in Business Economics from Aryabhatta College, University of Delhi. Currently, I am working as a research associate with a research organization. I live in New Delhi.

Phokrizat Mayirnao

I am a graduate from JNU. Interested in Pluralism, I am currently an editor at Exploring Economics. Part of the BE editorial team, I am also the editor of an independent magazine.

Shreyas Urgunde

I am an economics graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. My areas of research range from Econometrics, Development, and Monetary Economics, Political Economy to Cryptocurrency. I am the founder of Empowered Humans of Earth and The Economics Hub, where I try to demystify economic concepts.


I am a graduate of JNU. I am currently working as a Research Assistant at TISS, Mumbai. My areas of interest are gender issues and the care economy. I also hope to travel the world someday!

Smriti Saini

I am a postgraduate from JNU. As a Research Analyst at International Food Policy Research Institute, I have worked on agriculture extension uptake in Nepal and evaluation of agriculture machine subsidy schemes in Bihar and Odisha. Currently, I am an International Innovation Corps fellow at the University of Chicago.

Tejaswini Tabhane

I am an alumna of Miranda House. Currently a Master’s student of Quantitative Economics at Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi.


I have a master’s degree in Economics from Delhi School of Economics and have a bachelor’s degree from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. My schooling is from a govt school in Delhi. Also, I am a teaching enthusiast and have been teaching for the last couple of years.